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Newborn Washington Exposure

Abandoned Female

Newborn Distirict of Columbia Abandoned, Exposure

Abandoned Female

Newborn New York Newborn, Abandoned

Abandoned Male

Newborn Colorado Exposure, Abandoned

Abbott Jr., Danny

8 Years Oregon Stabbed and cut

Abbott, Jasmine

14 Years Indiana Shot to death

Abbott, Katelynn

9 Years Inidiana Shot

Abbott, Ryan

14 Years Indiana Shot to death

Abbott, Saben Jones

6 Years New York Attacked by pit bull

Abdur-Raheem, Zara Malani-Lin

3 Months New Jersey Thrown from bridge

Abernathy III, Joey

! Year Illinois Lacerated liver

Aberts, Lucas Taylor

2 Years Illinois Trauma to the head

Ables, Dalton

5 Years (twin) Oklahoma Shot

Ables, Wyatt

5 years (twin) Oklahoma Shot

Abner, Aniyia

3 Years Alabama Died in fire

Abner, Takia

3 Years Alabama Died in fire

Abrego, Abigail

2 Years California Beaten to death

Abu, Sahra

23 Months Minnesota Internal injuries

Acevedo, Arianie

4 Years Massachusetts Blunt force trauma to torso

Acevedo, Aries Juan

3 Years Florida

Aceves-Gutierrez, Ulysses

6 Months California Shaken to death

Ackerson, Dacari

2 Months Oklahoma Blunt force trauma to abdomen and skull

Acord, Logan

2 Years Colorado Beaten

Acosta III, Michael

6 Weeks California Methamphetamine in breast milk

Acosta, Aliya

2 Months Illinois Multiple injuries, shaken

Acosta, Sophia

3 Years California Head injuries

Adair, Alayna

3 Years Kentucky Beaten to death, head injuries

Adair, Deja

23 Months Wisconsin Shot

Adames, Ariel

5 Months Florida Bleeding brain

Adams, Boy

2 Years California Beaten to Death

Adams, Barbara

18 Months Pennsylvania Head injuries, kicked

Adams, Chelsea "Kelsey"

4 Years Louisiana drowned

Adams, Jeremiah

5 Years Arizona Stabbed

Adams, Jesse Ray

3 Years North Carolina Shot

Adams, Jettie Ray

3 Years Alabama Severe internal injuries

Adams, Judith

2 Years Oregon Disappeared and murdered

Adams, Kendall

3 Years Louisiana Shot

Adams, Kierra

4 Years Arkansas Shot to death

Adams, Lilly

2 Years Missouri Strangled, stabbed

Adams, Noah

4 Years Missouri Strangled, Stabbed

Adams, Timothy Jr.

19 Months Texas Shot by father during a police standoff

Adams, Trysten Eli

2 Years Florida Lacerated liver

Adams, William

3 Months Illinois Burned to death

Adams, Zade

14 Weeks Maine Asphyxiation

Adams-Grace, Trecion

18 Months California Blunt force trauma

Addington, Infant (Sacramento)

1 Day California Unknown, thrown in trash can

Addison, Brianna

2 Years Florida Beaten to death

Addison, Timerlan

9 Years Florida Massive head injuries

Ader, Damien

10 Years Washington Stranguled

Ader, Kadin

8 Years Washington Stranguled

Adewunmi, Kate

3 Years Missouri Shot

Adewunmi, Lauren

8 Years Missouri Shot

Adewunmi, Samantha

6 Years Missouri Shot

Adkins, Lyle James

8 Months North Carolina Slammed into wall by feet, head trauma

Adlam, Alysha

3 Years Wisconsin Massive head injuries, routinely beaten

Adolf Jr., Francis

6 Years New Jersey Strangled

Afeoitor, Ophelia

2 Years Ohio Drug overdose

Affalo, Ashanti

13 Months Illinois Trauma to head, slammed to ground

Agee, Nataley Jade

3 Months Florida Blunt force head trauma

Agminalis, Aedyn

1 Year Florida Brain damage

Agnew, Christopher Jayden

23 Months South Carolina Brain trauma due to beating

Aguilar, Claudia

12 Years Iowa Bludgeoned with hammer

Aguilar, Larry

9 Years Iowa Bludgeoned with hammer

Aguilar, Lisa

7 Years Iowa Bludgeoned with hammer

Aguilar, Manuel

4 Years Illinois Malnourishment, neglect

Aguilar, Michael

6 Years Iowa Bludgeoned with hammer

Aguilar, Sergio Axel

23 Months California Stomped to death

Aguilar, Yonatan

11 Years California Severe malnutrition, neglect

Aguilar, Zach

11 Years Iowa Bludgeoned with hammer

Aguirre, Janessa

2 Years Alaska head slammed on floor

Aguirre, Juan

13 Months Kansas Suffocated

Aguirre, Leah Marie

2 years Texas Pending autopsy

Aguon, Arthur

3 Years Beaten to death for wetting his pants

Agusto, Jacon

5 Months New York Abusive head trauma

Agwa, Jowoknut Ojulu

9 Months Minnesota Slammed head onto coffee table

Agwa, Muy Ojulu

3 Years Minnesota Stabbed

Agyepong-Glover, Lexis

13 Years Virginia Tortured for years, left in frigid weather

Ahimbisibwe, Hudson

5 Months Maryland Shaken

Ahimbisibwe, Junior

5 Years Texas Stabbed

Ahmad, Nashira

2 Years Ohio Throat slit

Ahmad, Rizwan

3 Weeks New York Thrown from 4th Story Window

Aikens, Diante

2 Years District of Columbia Blunt force trauma

Akeen, Rileigh Isabella

7 Months Oklahoma Subdral hematoma, shaken

Akers, Dylan

8 Years Utah Shot to death

Akhter, Faryaal

2 Years Texas Strangled

Akhter, Zain

5 Years Texas Strangled

Alba, Noah

20 Months California Struck on the head with a brick

Alcantara, Dejalyse

6 Months Massachusetts Hyperthermia

Alderette, Reanna Marie

2 Years California Battered

Aldridge, Gavin

2 Years West Virginia Blunt force trauma to head

Alegado, Nicole

7 Months Utah Massive head injuries

Aleman, Tayla

13 Months Florida Exhaustion due to Starvation

Alexander Jr., Derrice

2 Years Ohio Shot to death

Alexander, Avarice

9 Months Virginia Neglect

Alexander, Braylon

2 Years Arkansa Beaten to death

Alexander, Jariel

2 Years Old Florida Beaten and burned to death

Alexander, Quasir

2 Months Pennlsylvania Starved

Alexander-Palmer, Chance

Newborn Florida Bleeding, torn umbilical cord

Alexie, Robert James

Newborn Georgia Exposure

Ali, Aaliyah

23 Months Ohio Drowned

Ali, Ethan

3 Years New York Beaten with belt

Ali, Fatuma

7 Years Kentucky Stabbed in throat

Ali, Goshany

2 Years Kentucky Stabbed in throat

Ali, Hamza

7 Months Pennsylvania Shaken

Ali, Khadijah

4 Years Kentucky Stabbed in throat

Ali, Sarah

3 Weeks California Beaten to death

Ali, Sidi

8 Years Kentucky Stabbed in throat

Aliazar, Elijah Kye

3 Months Florida Fractured skull

Allegra, Tristan

8 Years Florida Smothered while sleeping

Allen Jr., Jerry Lee

7 Months North Carolina Medication poisoning

Allen, Audrey

18 Months California Brain injuries

Allen, Cameren

18 Months Ohio Head and internal injuries

Allen, Cayden

2 Years Kentucky Severe brain trauma

Allen, Chadney

19 Years Michigan Shot to death

Allen, Christopher

2 Years Kentucky Tortured

Allen, Ethan Nathaniel

5 Years Illinois Severe head trauma and blunt trauma

Allen, Fredricka

4 Years Texas Stabbed

Allen, Izak Tucker

3 Years Pennslyvania Heat exhaustion - in vehicle

Allen, Jahmaurae

4 Years California Beaten to death

Allen, Jamarcus

4 Years Ohio Shot accidentally

Allen, Ju'Tyra

6 Years Florida Smothered, face wrapped in tape

Allen, KaDiece

9 Years Texas Beaten, cut, and Stabed

Allen, Kara

17 Years Michigan Shot to death

Allen, Kasheim

9 Years Texas Beaten, and stabbed

Allen, Kayla

10 Years Ohio Shot

Allen, Kayla Yvonne

7 Years North Carolina Poisoned

Allen, Kerri

10 Years Ohio Shot to death

Allen, Mahogany Jasmine

11 Years Texas Beaten, cut and Stabbed

Allen, Taiasia

13 Months Connecticutt Abdominal injuries

Allen, Tasmia

17 Years Texas Shot to death

Allende-Smith, Amylah

6 Months Illinois Beaten to Death

Alley, Anastasia

21 Months Virginia Unknown

Allgood, Anika Adahlia

2 Years Texas Shot to death

Allison, Afton

6 Years Idaho Head trauma

Allison, Ariel

7 Months Kentucky Asphyxiation

Allison, Ethan

14 Months Oklahoma Severe head trauma

Allsop, Jade

5 Months Oregon Undetermined, possible choking

Almeida, Rhia Danae

7 Years Arizona Raped, beaten and stabbed

Almgren, Jordan

9 Years California Stabbed

Alonso, Elijah 

4 Years Indiana Beaten to death

Altamirano, Ethan Hector

3 Years Texas Beaten, bruising to genitals, head trauma, broken bones

Altamirano, Jordan

4 Years Texas Torn aorta

Altman, Kayla Leigh

1 Year Florida Beaten to death

Alvarado, boy

Newborn District of Columbia Asphyxiated, dismembered

Alvarado, Infant boy, 10 days

3 Days Texas Strangled

Alvarez Jr., Israel

4 Years Texas Shot to death

Alvarez, Angelica

12 Years California Strangled

Alvarez, Blake

2 Years Arizona Lacerated organs

Alvarez, Cain

8 Years Texas Shot to death

Alvarez, GuillermoThomas

3 Years California Beaten to death
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