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1   Link   ProjectNight
This organization uses pop-culture to the extreme to get out their message against child abuse. They are currently gathering a team of the most creative minds in Los Angeles to create a mix of educational, yet edgy anti-abuse films, print ads, and apparel.
2   Link   Prevent Child Abuse America (PCA- America)
Founded in 1972 and supported by a network of chapters in 38 states and the district of Columbia, the organization's mission is to prevent the abuse and neglect of our children by working at the national, state and community levels.
3   Link   Dreamcatchers For Abused Children
Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, Inc. is an official non-profit 501(c)3 child abuse and neglect organization. (EIN 35-2331592)
4   Link   National Association to Protect Children
The National Association to Protect is a national pro-child, anti-crime membership association established in 2004. The Association is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Contributions are tax-deductible. The National Association to Protect Children does not take government funding of any kind. The Association works to protect children from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. The Association was formerly known as Promise to Protect.
National Association to Protect Children
P.O. Box 27451
Knoxville, TN 37927
5   Link   CAPA
CAPA was founded in 1975 as a crisis and information hotline, staffed by members of the Junior Service League, and became a United Way agency in 1978. In the 1980s, CAPA partnered with Children’s Place to develop day treatment programs for victims of child abuse. During this same period, CAPA became a Parent Anonymous support group sponsor and was approved as a State of Missouri contract treatment provider.

During the 1990’s, CAPA’s child sexual abuse treatment programs were expanded, and CAPA began collaborating with Head Start in providing parenting education classes and support groups for high-risk families. It was during this time that CAPA became a Jackson County Mental Health Level III service provider. CAPA also began providing FOCIS (Focus on Children in Separation) classes for families going through divorce, and did so until the end of 2010 when the Jackson County Courts began providing the class. Also in the 90s, Parents and Children Together, or PACT, began as a support group for families, and it is still provided for families each week.

Since 2000, CAPA has expanded its Healthy Family Connections program. This provides home-based case management and counseling services to high-need families with newborns, up until age three. Two years ago, CAPA began its affiliation with the AmeriCorps program, giving student interns a small living stipend to help cover the costs their education while working for CAPA. And, in June 2010, CAPA celebrated its 35th Anniversary of service to the communicty.

In 2011, CAPA was accredited by the Council on Accreditation, based in New York, by meeting its standards of excellence. In addition, CAPA added the Love & Logic parenting course to its impressive roster of services available, as well as updated its logo, print publications, and adopted the adage, Healing Hearts and Homes.

CAPA’s focus continues to be on preventing and treating all forms of child abuse by utilizing a continuum of services: Prevention Education, Family Support Services, and Counseling, which are now all available in both English and Spanish.
6   Link   Childhelp
7   Link   Child Welfare Information Gateway
8   Link
9   Link   CASA
10   Link   NAPCAN
11   Link   Children's Institute, Inc.
12   Link   APSAC
13   Link   Yes ICAN
14   Link   NCCAFV
15   Link   Child Lures Prevention
16   Link   National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center
17   Link   National Parent Helpline
18   Link   Darkness to Light
19   Link   OJJDP

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